More Stoves


As far as i can tell this blog has more views on stoves than anything else! so here we go, more stoves!

Last month i went to Berlin to do a photo shoot, my brother is lucky he has a wonderful little local cafe – bar, You can chill out – get online – met the local cool people have a decent coffee or a glass of wine.

Quelle surprise! if your a smoker you can smoke in their back room, or in the garden, besides all this you can buy a wood burning stove while your waiting for your beverage, a pretty cool place really!


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Well it has been a very long time………..

I moved from London at the end of August.. packed up lock stock and 7 tonne van headed for Portsmouth and the dreaded ferry crossing [ I don’t like the north sea..]
The crossing was rough to say the least.. But hey we made it across to Saint – Malo & then down to Nantes!
I left the van.. with my life on-board parked up at a friend’s house in Nantes.. & boarded a plane to Marseilles… Marseilles has a rapid pulse to her …. the energy buzzes!
Although i loved the city.. and the fusion of cultures,
4 days in Marseilles was enough to know it was probably not the right spot.
So i hopped a TGV to Avignon and then a short 25 Min bus ride down to Tarascon.
Tarascon [bouches du Rhone] is basically on the right bank of Rhone river.. with Beaucaire [gard] opposite on the left bank.
Tarascon  is a medieval village with a blend of Provençal french and Arab culture running side by side.
In fact throughout this region there has been a strong Arab influence for hundreds of years…which you can definitely see in the architecture… Abbaye saint-Michel de Frigolet roughly 20Mins from here is a truly wonderful gem.. I was rendered speechless.. with its painted walls – pillars – ceilings – It’s a beautiful Abbaye..

I find the french here warm-hearted & some-what tolerant ! it has far exceeded my expectations..
As far as I’m concerned i made a great choice.. of course there is the language problem [my French is lacking]..
The fact is.. a lot of things just get lost in translation… and some of it is.. hysterically funny.
Is this the place I’m going to spend the rest of my life?? Humm…. I’m not sure about that..
but if i ask myself what if i got stuck here? would it be a bad thing?
I would have to say no.. it wouldn’t be bad at all!
I have met some really lovely people who have been incredibly helpful….  i have not asked for help.. it has just been given.
The people i have met are not out for what they can get!
After living in big bad city’s all my life… I’m truly grateful for the warm welcome I have received here…
The other evening…. new years day! I was sitting in my friends restaurant [Le Theatre] ..having a glass of Vin rouge..I was talking to Jean Rene [a budding to the left politician …. verging on communism] a lovely guy! i asked him did he want me to come and do some gardening [ i don’t have a garden yet ] he said you can have half my garden for €1.00 a year.. and you can do anything you want!  …..   WOW!!!
This guy takes care of a young lady [who has Schizophrenia] when ever she is hungry… she can go to Le Thestre restaurant and eat whatever she wants…. they put it on a tab and he pays.. He is not a rich man by any means… he has a Big heart!
I will tell you more about my new location and new friends in my next post…
I’m trying to set up my studio work room… so i can start working – producing and hopefully do some of my best work yet….” it’s been a long time coming”!!
Happy new year to all of you & best wishes!

Mad Men


mad-men-I have to say i love Mad Men …..  yes I’m a fan..

mad-men-I also am a fan of 11 blog


My My My… No i do not live in this house.. there are some pretty amazing houses in London…  In the summer they have Architectural tours of this area.. you see groups of people standing around listening to the guide talking about the style of the house.. the architect.. and who lived there… Grand houses in Little venice

Grand houses in Little Venice

Grand houses in Little Venice

Grand houses in little venice What a sight! i never expected to see this…. A Ferrari all wrapped up in it’s couture coat

This says it all!

About Time!!!!


Photos taken in Little Venice  London

Funny how you live in an area… and day to day pass by real little gems without really noticing what lies within!
Although i remember going to this pub years ago with my friend Merja.. [remember!]
Well i have to say that today the Sun was shining ……. i finally remembered to take the camera out with me….
I wanted to document where I’ve been living for the last 10 years…
I’m not a pub person…. reason being… pretty much a hang over from the days when pubs were the last place on the planet i would choose to go to.. to me they were cold hard places
Back in the day…if you looked a little eccentric or different… you’d walk in to a pub and the whole place would turn round look at you and pass some kind of smart ass comment.. I say that from experience!!
Well thank god thing’s have changed and changed dramatically…. Nobody bats an eyelid anymore… they’ve pretty much seen it all now…. well at least in London!
Pubs have gone upmarket! their friendlier places…. and here is the proof 

The Warwick Castle W2…. Very Arts & Crafts, My Local !
the Warwick castle in Little Venice

the Warwick Castle

The Warwick Castle

The Warwick Castle



Dear reader….
I have to say sorry for the lack of posts to my blog in the last week or so…. i have just stepped back a bit to get on with a project I’m working on… Ill let you in on whats going on later this month.. It’s a mystery   I will be back with more regular posts i will keep adding to this post… until then check out these rather wonderful chocolate scented stamps courtesy the French post office

Chocolate- scented stamps

This is a wonderful chill-out video… the music track is Please Don’t Go by Barcelona.

Christian Lacroix at the finale of the July 7th Paris show… which many expect to be his last. This statement taken from the new york times really makes me feel very sad…
Couture would be a sadder place without the very wonderful  Monsieur Lacroix
The French fashion house sought protection from creditors in May…
As of yesterday 28th July The Borletti Family have made a serious offer including keeping 49 of the 124 employee’s

July 7 2009 Paris show