About Time!!!!


Photos taken in Little Venice  London

Funny how you live in an area… and day to day pass by real little gems without really noticing what lies within!
Although i remember going to this pub years ago with my friend Merja.. [remember!]
Well i have to say that today the Sun was shining ……. i finally remembered to take the camera out with me….
I wanted to document where I’ve been living for the last 10 years…
I’m not a pub person…. reason being… pretty much a hang over from the days when pubs were the last place on the planet i would choose to go to.. to me they were cold hard places
Back in the day…if you looked a little eccentric or different… you’d walk in to a pub and the whole place would turn round look at you and pass some kind of smart ass comment.. I say that from experience!!
Well thank god thing’s have changed and changed dramatically…. Nobody bats an eyelid anymore… they’ve pretty much seen it all now…. well at least in London!
Pubs have gone upmarket! their friendlier places…. and here is the proof 

The Warwick Castle W2…. Very Arts & Crafts, My Local !
the Warwick castle in Little Venice

the Warwick Castle

The Warwick Castle

The Warwick Castle


One Response to “About Time!!!!”

  1. 1 Merja

    Good old Warwick Castle! I don’t believe it still there! They have redecorated it. It looks very cozy. I wonder if it’s as packed as in the early 80′.

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