Floors walls and maybe ceilings


Frescoed Ceiling These photos were taken at a house in Campania Italy
it had not been lived in for 14 years… can you believe it?
Campania cantinaCampania CantinaCampania Cantina[house below] Piemonte Casa… click on the door it has great carving

Liberty style house - Piemonte

A  really beautiful house.. looks like is was inspired by french architecture!house in Asti - Piemonte

This [floor] is very special ..

the planks appear to be cut in one piece?

[nothing to do with the house above or below]the most wonderful floorThe house [below] looked like it had been attacked by a bull dozer beautifulthe rotting house Empty – unloved  and just waiting around roting there are so many houses like this in Italy in varying  states of disrepair




2 Responses to “Floors walls and maybe ceilings”

  1. 1 designtraveller

    I love the italian house! I has amazing atmosphere, real genius loci 🙂

  2. 2 xyzoflife

    Thank you for your comment, much appreciated!

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