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More Stoves


As far as i can tell this blog has more views on stoves than anything else! so here we go, more stoves! Last month i went to Berlin to do a photo shoot, my brother is lucky he has a wonderful little local cafe – bar, You can chill out – get online – met […]

Well it has been a very long time……….. I moved from London at the end of August.. packed up lock stock and 7 tonne van headed for Portsmouth and the dreaded ferry crossing [ I don’t like the north sea..] The crossing was rough to say the least.. But hey we made it across to […]

My My My… No i do not live in this house.. there are some pretty amazing houses in London…  In the summer they have Architectural tours of this area.. you see groups of people standing around listening to the guide talking about the style of the house.. the architect.. and who lived there… What a […]

About Time!!!!


Photos taken in Little Venice  London Funny how you live in an area… and day to day pass by real little gems without really noticing what lies within! Although i remember going to this pub years ago with my friend Merja.. [remember!] Well i have to say that today the Sun was shining ……. i finally […]


This i beleive is a cemetry in Marseille – Provence.. what is quite amazing….. and really shows respect for the departed.. is the very georgious chair embeded in the tomb stone… what do we think here…. was it an upholster? was it the dearly departeds’ chair? or was it just pure symbolic artist licence on […]

I love these lamps from Serralunga.. they’re Fun – Funky &  have a classy look to them..                                                             designed by Marc Sadler they are made from recycled polyethylene. Don’t you think this is a pretty cool wine rack ? It’s called ‘Flow’ By Black & Blum