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Dear reader…. I have to say sorry for the lack of posts to my blog in the last week or so…. i have just stepped back a bit to get on with a project I’m working on… Ill let you in on whats going on later this month.. It’s a mystery   I will be […]


This i beleive is a cemetry in Marseille – Provence.. what is quite amazing….. and really shows respect for the departed.. is the very georgious chair embeded in the tomb stone… what do we think here…. was it an upholster? was it the dearly departeds’ chair? or was it just pure symbolic artist licence on […]

Yeah.. we have had a lot of rain this summer.. i tried to capture the hail stones .. but hay ho.. i got the rain though! I just love this interview with Catherine Baba, it has to be one of those [rare] really funny – endearing fashion moments! I am a huge fan of Diane […]

I love these lamps from Serralunga.. they’re Fun – Funky &  have a classy look to them..                                                             designed by Marc Sadler they are made from recycled polyethylene. Don’t you think this is a pretty cool wine rack ? It’s called ‘Flow’ By Black & Blum

These photos were taken at a house in Campania Italy it had not been lived in for 14 years… can you believe it? Campania Cantina[house below] Piemonte Casa… click on the door it has great carving A  really beautiful house.. looks like is was inspired by french architecture! This [floor] is very special .. the […]

ceramic stoves


http// Dear people… This is a little film by the Ceramiche Castellamonte company based in Torino …. they have been making these ceramic stoves for over a hundred years check ou the film if your interested! just click on the link below.  This blog is not working well for me at the moment it is […]