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Mad Men


I have to say i love Mad Men …..  yes I’m a fan.. I also am a fan of 11 blog Advertisements



Dear reader…. I have to say sorry for the lack of posts to my blog in the last week or so…. i have just stepped back a bit to get on with a project I’m working on… Ill let you in on whats going on later this month.. It’s a mystery   I will be […]

Yeah.. we have had a lot of rain this summer.. i tried to capture the hail stones .. but hay ho.. i got the rain though! I just love this interview with Catherine Baba, it has to be one of those [rare] really funny – endearing fashion moments! I am a huge fan of Diane […]

The Ndeur Book

Sandra Bucklund don’t walk! I  just found a great interior design blog ….. you probably already know about But the problem is… i cant seem to attach it to this blog.. I told you i hadn’t got a clue!!! “days later” ………….. Attached it……… Worked it out……..

This is a great example in my book of excellent pattern cutting…. The leather is a dream.. These pieces a real feat of design, pattern cutting skill & construction …. Obviously Ms Van Herpen has a great team of people to execute her designs… i take my hat off to you!!

finding a spot


Top: Cotton spot dress…… (Me) Centre: Rubber can be Couture.. I don’t know who the designer on this rubber dress! Below: Tail coat for the Producers .. London west-end (Me) We all have some thing to bring to the table, big or small it doesn’t really matter…. just bring it on!