This i beleive is a cemetry in Marseille – Provence.. what is quite amazing….. and really shows respect for the departed.. is the very georgious chair embeded in the tomb stone… what do we think here…. was it an upholster? was it the dearly departeds’ chair? or was it just pure symbolic artist licence on the part of the designer? For sure this was designed… by whom i have no idea! and for who.. equally i don’t know….. but what i do know is…. this is pure opulence!

Vellano - Pescia - TuscanyThis has to be one of the best photos I’ve taken…. but the view is outstanding… so i really can’t take much credit.. i have to admit that this area of Tuscany is quite mountainous & honestly i didn’t realize it.. but… i have a touch of vertigo in fact more than a touch.. so no mountain goats for me thank you very much… I’m a low – lander… just gentle undulating hills for me!

langheLets just take a minute here and just look at this stunning country side….. all you people like me living in the urban sprall – the concrete jungle – the big smoke – the city.. whatever you call it [ I’ve got a few names to call it… but this is a clean blog]           can just chill out and get the zen vibe  Ohm…… Namaste!


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