ceramic stoves


wood-burning stove by Ceramiche Castellamontehttp//ceramichecastellamonte.it/

Dear people… This is a little film by the Ceramiche Castellamonte company based in Torino …. they have been making these ceramic stoves for over a hundred years check ou the film if your interested! just click on the link below.  This blog is not working well for me at the moment it is not showing the full post… please click on read more if i cannot sort it                                     Thank you and sorry it’s a bit of a drag


French ceramic wood- burning stove

This is from a company called The Antique French Stove Company http://www.antiquefrenchstove.com/

These hand made-hand painted French wood burning stoves are by Ceramique – Regnier.

savonawww.ceramique-regnier.fr/Wood-Burning-Stove-Ceramique-Regnier-Genevievecastellamonte stufeSwedish Columnar stovesswedish columnar stove stockholm circa 1873 These Swedish wood burning stoves are from Lindholm- Kakelugnar... They have some very beautiful antique pieces8D-listbild Stockholm circa 1890www.lindholm-kakelugnar.com

There truly are an amazing amount of new and old generation wood burning stoves out there….. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient


2 Responses to “ceramic stoves”

  1. thats cool…i have never seen something like that… my god is so cool…i love Hand painted ceramics

    • 2 xyzoflife

      They are really great.. i seriously would have one in the right environment!
      I will add to the post as i have a couple more I’d like to share…
      Thank you and I’m glad your inspired by them…. Tina

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