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Yeah.. we have had a lot of rain this summer.. i tried to capture the hail stones .. but hay ho.. i got the rain though! I just love this interview with Catherine Baba, it has to be one of those [rare] really funny – endearing fashion moments! I am a huge fan of Diane […]

so vibrant


I love these images by Francisco Garzon Works by Graphic Designer: Francisco Garzon http://www.kontra.wsAll very cool!

Beautiful eggs

24Jun09 This is quite incredible…… Slovian artist Franc Grom using an electric boring tool to fashion these eggs Momeld is an interesting site

This is a great piece it’s sculpted out of Puma football tongues…….. I come from a creative family, my mother was a complete furniture freak, things used to change so fast in the home you could hardly keep up with her! everything was second hand, mostly out of  the auction rooms, Lots road was her […]