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These photos were taken at a house in Campania Italy it had not been lived in for 14 years… can you believe it? Campania Cantina[house below] Piemonte Casa… click on the door it has great carving A  really beautiful house.. looks like is was inspired by french architecture! This [floor] is very special .. the […]

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http// Dear people… This is a little film by the Ceramiche Castellamonte company based in Torino …. they have been making these ceramic stoves for over a hundred years check ou the film if your interested! just click on the link below.  This blog is not working well for me at the moment it is […]

Slow Post


Moroso Helix-Linko I have been slow at posting these last few days….  i haven’t really felt it to be honest! I am really blown away by the amount of talent there is out there…. so until i have a little more space………..  I’m just filling in for today

Last year i went on the hunt for a chest of draws….. just about everywhere i went… “no we don’t have any” How many antique – vintage shops are there on Golborne Rd alone? “quite a few actually”………….. nothing on Portobello rd either finally found  Le Pigeon Rose, ‘they deal in vintage hand painted furniture’… […]

I thought i would share this company with you….. don’t you just love these chairs…..I’d love them in my garden…… These Moroso Cocoon chairs look like they have been inspired by South African – Art – Culture It’s pretty strange to me…… that considering Italians are not exactly known for being tolerant in regard […]

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