Don’t be Silly .

Jade Goody as Lynn Anderson

Jade Goody as Lynn Anderson-photo 'she won it!'

example of having to pad out where the dress-form dosent have it

Example of having to pad out where the dress-form doesn't have it! Dolly Parton outfit Stars in their eyes 2006

[ No……. I’m not a fan! ]
For those who don’t know…….
Jade Goody of reality TV fame……  Big Brother UK 2002.
In her last 2 years
she fell from fame by re:entering the celebrity BB house & revealing her ugly bullying & racist behavior to Shilpa Shetty [ Bollywood star]

Jermaine Jackson also in the house.. tried to defuse the argument… all played out on live TV! [you tube it]
It caused major international embarrassment for Prime-minister Gordon Brown
Her racist behavior was brought up in Prime- Ministers question time  in the houses of parliament and made international headline news
she became public enemy no 1
Unknown entered Big Brother house 2002
Re: entered Celebrity Big Brother house 2007
Died 22nd March 2009

I got a phone call asking if i could make an outfit for Jade Goody…. for celebrity stars in their eyes [prior to racist thing]
“Sure” i said.
photos of Lyn Anderson [ 1966- present] were emailed dressed in her country & western style…
measurements + fabrics – trimmings lots of trimmings were biked over……… and you sit with all the images and focus in on doing a Fab copy……. Hey! that’s what the show is all about..
Then you got to figure out the measurements…. they are not the same as your dummies [dress-form] really not the same.
I’m a 3 dimensional girl myself… meaning i work on the dummy [dress-form]
flat pattern cutting is not my-thing!
Any way back to it…. You have maybe 3 days Top’s to do the whole thing from drape on dummy -to the pattern – make the toile [prototype] then make up the real McCoy! and apply all the applique tons of them…..
You finish just in time within secs… or the courier has to wait out-side till you have finished [ it’s the name of the game]……
You get no credit… No photo… Just a thanks and told to put in your invoice…
This is for all those long suffering costumiers & tailors…….


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