Rest In Peace ‘Michael’

L A based costume designers  Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins

LA based costume designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins

I thought i would share this with you: taken from todays Sunday 28th LA Times.

The men behind The Man In The Mirror were L – A – based costume designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins.
They quietly designed most of Michael Jacksons personal and concert tour wardrobes –
tens of thousands of pieces… many with military details
Working from a Michael Jackson mannequin in their studio that was built to the singers exact measurements

The pop stars directive was always….. “This is what the world is wearing” Top it!

Now i have not been a major fan of  Michael Jackson since he started really messing with himself… and felt pretty uncomfortable with what he had become… but there is no doubting the brilliance of MJ as the King Of Pop and his mastery on stage. So it is to this footnote that i have to draw your attention… he left himself wide open to be ridiculed in life and now in death the stories are going to come thick and fast and this is just one of the many! and the only one I’m going to draw yours as well as my attention to.

Footnote:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Check this out if you are interested!
I was scrolling the net this evening and came across an article on et online it read
REPORT: Former Nanny Alleges:
So i read it… i was reading something said this don’t sound right.. there was a link to a blog
The blog is written by Mallika Chopra… under the heading
BLOODSUCKERS And The World of Michael Jackson…….
then i backed tracked to the Sunday Times article…
The Sunday Times article titled
What Nanny…. Who Worked For Michael Jackson Saw!! written by Daphne Barak. Art’s and entertainment.                                                                                                                 
[ you will have to do a search on this site to find the article as this post is a few days old]   
This is a cheap shoddy piece of journalistic c**p
Honestly i don’t know if i should even be posting this article… it has really made me feel quite sick…
It says it all really….. “i agree with you Mallika” ……there are a lot of Blood suckers out there….and more to come..
This is a pitiful demise of an iconic figure….


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  1. 1 mz

    They did good job… there was haute couture intricacy and elegance in those clothes.

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