The storey of the chest of drawers

1960's repro chest of draws

possibly 1960's re-pro chest of draws

Last year i went on the hunt for a chest of draws….. just about everywhere i went… “no we don’t have any”
How many antique – vintage shops are there on Golborne Rd alone?
“quite a few actually”………….. nothing on Portobello rd either
finally found  Le Pigeon Rose, ‘they deal in vintage hand painted furniture’…
No shop though by appointment only….
Anyway i emailed……… and Michael Macrae [one of the owners] got back to me
he sent some images of a few pieces he had..
So i made an appointment and went to their workshop ….
When i got there i thought “that looks really familiar to me…….. my mother had one just like that”…
i vaguely remembered doing the same thing as a kid….. painting the metal handles silver
Oh yeah!…. silver……
The chest of drawers was in need of a little TLC.. which is what Le Pigeon are all about!
they buy one off pieces of furniture …. do their thing & give their pieces a new totally lease of life!

We can paint it for you !… no …. I’ll take it as is
It was delivered….. I stripped it down, taking the Crappy-tacky silver metal handles off….
Painted it…. brought some bog standard wooden handles…  now she was looking good!
but there is something missing……”A key”……… a key with a tassel hanging from it!

After my mother died and i cleared things up and away.. i found a key that fitted nothing.. I’d kept for it for no good reason….
Got the key i put a tassel on it….. and thought, ‘strange if it turns the lock”…….
Put the key in the lock and it turned……. i couldn’t believe it…
Was this my mothers Chest of Drawers?
Maybe it was my mothers or maybe another… same make & style painted pink with silver handles….
I think this was one of those magic moments……

1960's reproduction chest of drawers

1960's reproduction chest of drawers

You tell me?


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