I found this for you!



moroso italy

Moroso Italy

Moroso Binta Chairs

Moroso Binta Chairs

Cocoon by Moroso

Cocoon by Moroso

I thought i would share this company with you….. www.moroso.it/
don’t you just love these chairs…..I’d love them in my garden……

These Moroso Cocoon chairs look like they have been inspired by South African – Art – Culture
It’s pretty strange to me…… that considering Italians are not exactly known for being tolerant in regard to race
that this company has put Africans on their front page……. Hum! are things changing.. i don’t think so!
When traveling in Italy….. i was really struck at how marginalised the African population is….
in fact any peoples of colour from what i saw ……. are completely ignored, as if they don’t exist!!!
it’s a beautiful country…. but the politics and attitudes are much to be desired!
Actually i found it a bit shocking!


2 Responses to “I found this for you!”

  1. 1 designtraveller

    Moroso is one of my favourite furniture manufacturers. I love their bold, innovative designs. The style is unique, balnsing very close to kitsch sometimes… but Moroso takes the risk.
    As far as politics and human rights, I agree.. admiring ethnic art doesn’t follow appreciating the culture itself. But I think that italian designers, like most of the designers, are above that shameful way of thinking.

  2. 2 xyzoflife

    This is an interesting comment designtraveller..and i thank you for it.. There is no doubting the sheer genius of some Italian designers… and as for balancing close to the edge of kitsch… that’s what makes it so interesting
    It’s funny because i really didn’t expect i would respond to the statement i made.. [politics and attitudes]
    I know for sure that just because your a designer – artist a creator of what ever it is.. this does not exempt an individual from holding erroneous personal beliefs & perceptions! being creative is not an open gateway to automatic enlightenment unfortunately!
    It’s not just in Italy but anywhere..
    I live in London [UK]
    this has to be one of the most culturally diverse city’s on this planet.at any point in time you can hear just about every language on the planet…
    really it is more diverse than New York City..
    It’s truly the most positive thing about this city…[some would not agree] but when you step back into the past [Italy] it’s a shock and probably like it was here in the 60’s -70’s.. considering we are living in 2009! their attitudes remain in the past. I think they look at the UK and think Oh My G*D
    We don’t want that!!.. so they are in fear of any foreign migration… well welcome to Planet Earth! It’s all on the move..
    X Tina

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