Satch Hoyt with His work Penalty



This is a great piece it’s sculpted out of Puma football tongues……..
I come from a creative family, my mother was a complete furniture freak, things used to change so fast in the home you could hardly keep up with her! everything was second hand, mostly out of  the auction rooms, Lots road was her favorite haunt,
she had great taste!  &  for her it was of utmost importance we had, or show some sense of style & taste!

Artist Satch Hoyt, with one of his footballer


6 Responses to “Satch Hoyt with His work Penalty”

  1. 1 suhaila

    I like this blog – though not a habitual blogsite visitor. Chapeau for getting this started. I hope it bears interesting fruit…
    The images are great. I love your brother’s scultpure pic -never seen that one before! You could tell us where to see the exhib, maybe???
    I am sending yr link to everyone I know who is into art, fashion and interiors, so expect great things from you Ms Tina. The trick is not to get bored!!
    Laugh Loud and bless the trees.

    • 2 xyzoflife

      Thank you Suhaila… laugh load and bless the trees! ‘I love it’
      That exhibit is over….i really should be a little more informative
      Much Love…..

  2. 3 the artist

    Dear bloggist
    the title of this sculpture is Penalty not the footballer
    very pertinent to what it represents on a conceptual level
    By the way i enjoy your blog keep on bloggin it out

    • 4 xyzoflife

      Dearest Artist…. Big apologies! I’ll correct it immediately
      Love ya..

  3. 5 Merja Hujo

    Hi Tina,
    It seems you are doing fine. Your blog is great.I found it by chance and was thrilled. Very nice pictures and great stuff. Your brother also seems to be doing great.
    Greetings from Finland.


    • 6 xyzoflife

      My G how in the world have you arrived on my blog i haven’t seen you for soooo many years…
      how wonderful!
      XXXXX T

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