The dark side


My Lovely Chairsstripped downstripped downart nuoveau chair

Yeah……. it’s been a while since i posted anything!
I have had a tough time in my mind…. i have had to consider what I’m seriously going off to do [moving country’s]
You have to be realistic in this life…. but still maintaining the ultimate creative goal and not getting caught up in the mood of the land…. which I’m afraid to say is pretty much negative.
I have come down to earth with an almighty bang….. the dark side took over for a while..

My sabbatical was well and truly over……. it’s time to get down to some real strategic moves…                                                        some solid lets go for it pull all the stop kinda moves.

I really had very little inspiration to start doing any project here, outside of getting the hell out of here and starting a little chic chic B&B in Italy…. the project was all in there [my brain] dreaming it up… stirring the pot… researching everything imaginable down to the beds [Hastens beds] yeah but Hastens beds are serious money…. and that’s just the beginning!
I had researched  the very upmarket Boutique B&B down to the bog standard B&B and believe me some of them looked like they were transported from Margate UK… and plonked down in Italy.. or where ever……
It’s all very well to say OK I’m gonna sell up… buy a house, turn it into a B&B and make money….. majority of the time it’s gonna fail before you even open the front door….
There is a definite creative format to any successful business project

excellent product is pretty high on the list as far as I’m concerned…
location location location…. charisma oh definitely…. inspiring vibe is a truly a must have
and then there’s the whole thing about personality… do you really like people?? [ I’m talking about my self here]

You gotta love what you do…I had a great conversation with my brother  last night…one thing he said that really struck me was “you have got to take responsibility for your talent”……… that is really profound… and so true! you got to own it!!
And that brings me right back to where I’m at right now… clearing the decks doing the furniture [ upholstery ]
then start work my project before i move…
in the next few weeks i will out of here….. this is long over due and really quite scary

I have been stiring this particular pot for quite some time now


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