frescos in Campania


I’m new to this Blog world
I’m a late starter, but what the hell! better late than never!
I started researching for a large house in Italy & the possibility of starting a business there,
I hit on a region i thought would be interesting from a foodie-wine point of view, & the fact it ticked not all,
but a lot of boxes for me!
I’d been going on property viewing trips to different regions, taking in the vibe,  feeling the place out.
Campania, hum! maybe not, garbage issues- water issues & basically political ones i may feel uncomfortable with!
I had gone to see a big monster of a house, fresco’s on the ceilings big rooms all the right elements,
but that was really about all it was, a big beautiful house with not a lot going on around it,

Next trip Tuscany, Oh Tuscany “what a gorgeous place” rolling hills, vines, olive groves! more vines and more olives
I viewed a property in a small village called Santa Luce, in the province of Pisa, I was so blown away at the
outstanding beauty of the place, i forgot to even take photos, my heart sang several songs,
I could have just jumped out of the car, run up those hills & sung “the hills are alive with the sound of music”,
like whats her name? yeah i know Maria!
Well, Maria i am not and sing, well maybe badly!
Reality Oh reality!
Tuscany, is so expensive, it’s true there are all kinds of property out there, in all kinds of locations,
but I’m looking for a project house, it’s got to ring some bells like
The right look ,The right amount of internal space, some land-garden, unless you have serious money, Tuscany can’t work!
What you see on-line & what the reality is, are two different things, and then what the agents say the size is, made me think,
How are they measuring these room’s, “corner to opposite corner”??


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